Status Of Buildings

S.No.Name of the BuildingConstruction AgencyStatusRemarks
1CHC LangateR&B 2007-08CompleteStatus of the Buildings already submitted to the DHS Kashmir.
2NTPHC KutlariJKPCCCompleteTaken over by Department.
3NTPHC MoonbalNACompleteTaken over by Department.
4NTPHC UnisooNAG. Floor CompleteTaken over by Department., work in progress on first floor.
5Sub Center HajinRDDIncompleteCompletedup to Lintel Level.
6Sub Center PalporaRDDIncompleteCompletedup to Plinth Level.
7Sub Center SonawaniRDDIncompleteCompletedup to Roof Level.
8Sub Center PringrooRDDIncompleteCompletedup to Roof Level.
9Sub Center BadabughRDDIncompleteCompletedup toLintalLevel.
10Sub Center BadrahRDDIncompleteCompletedup to Roof Level.
11Fencing Filling at S/C KachlooRDDCompleteMore filling of the ground needed.
12Sub Center RenanNACompleteTaken over by Department.