Pulse Polio Immunization - 2015-16 Report

S.No.Name of ActivitiesIst Round2nd Round
1Target for IPPIIstRound19,14819,017
2Total number of Households14,40914,409
3Target Achieved on Day 115,87115,321
4Target Achieved on Day 23,0451,690
5Target Achieved on Day 3 (House to House)4212
6Total Target achieved for IPPI Ist Round19,01721,130
7Total Vaccine Received from DHS Kupwara1,1311,200
8Total Vaccine Consumed1,0751,000
9Vaccine Balance56200
10Totalnumber of Health Workers Participated154154
11Totalnumber of ASHA Workers Participated150150
12Totalnumber of AWW Workers Participated9696
13Totalnumber of Supervisors2020
14Incentives Received and Paid to Participants94,2750
15Polfor TransportReceived and Consumed37,0506,790
16Total number of Pulse Polio Booths100100