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There is a popular proverb and they say that prevention is better than cure. But the prevention is only possible if there is proper and timely diagnosis and awareness. The importance of awareness and education in health sector is such that different Governments spend a lot of energy and wealth on different awareness campaigns so that the populace is made aware of the diseases, risks thereof and the treatments available. This is an established fact that as the awareness and education increases the diseases are best treated and their impact minimized to the maximum possible limits.

Different Government agencies and NGO’s have long been educating people about many health issues , preventions and treatments available and for this purpose print and electronic media has been the medium in use while as in some areas these campaigns have been carried by using public meetings and public address systems. The time has however changed so are the mediums of communication. The times we are going through are digital. Information technology has dominated almost all the fields so the health sector. Not only the medical diagnosis is to a great extent dependent on It but most of the common people come to seek awareness and education about the health issues on internet. In fact in developed areas of the world, four out of every five patients who book appointments use hospital websites as part of their research, according to a Google Digital Journey to Wellness study. And, they are comparison shopping, with almost two out of every three patients visiting two or more hospital websites before making an appointment. Though we lag behind, as far as modern technology is concerned, but the internet is equally popular and in use in our area.

The people of this part of the world may not be using the internet to that extent of comparing the health facilities before booking the appointments and actually moving towards them but many of our people do visit websites to seek awareness about the health related issues and the schemes being run by the government agencies from time to time. Keeping this scenario in the consideration it is understood that any awareness campaign can cover more and more people if the internet is used as a tool.

These were the prime reasons which ignited my mind with the idea of constructing a website for Medical block Langate. Besides I wanted to transparently put before the people the health and welfare schemes those are designed and run by the Directorate of Health Services for the population of medical block Langate. I shared the idea with the worthy director, Dr Saleem ur Rahman, and he, as always, not only approved it but also appreciated and encouraged me too. It was because Allah’s will and support of Dr Saleem ur Rahman that the dream, of this digital campaign for medical block Langate, has come true. It is my pleasure, and of all the people of Langate, to announce that Medical block Langate has become the first such block, in India, to have its website www.bmolangate.com launched.

This website is as per the modern standards and a responsive one that can be viewed on all the devices like phablets, tablets, laptops and desktop machines. I would ensure to keep the site updated so that it will better serve the purpose of transparency and awareness. I thank all the staff and friends who helped to shape this idea into a reality. I am thankful to Acmosoft, the company that developed this site. This message shall be incomplete without formally thanking the worthy director Dr Saleem ur Rahman for his guidance, leadership, appreciation and encouragement.

While presenting this website as a gift to the Langate people I appeal them to use it to the best. I wish them good health and ask their cooperation in our public services.

Dr. Nazir Ahmad Bhat
BMO, Langate

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