Accomodational Status - 2016-17 Report

S. No. Name of the Institution Village Building
1 CHCLangate Langate Govt. Building
2 CHC Kralgund Kralgund Govt. Building
3 PHCNowgam Nowgam Govt. Building
4 PHCKalamabad Kalamabad Govt. Building
5 PHCAshpora Ashpora Govt. Building
6 PHCUnisoo Unisoo Govt. Building
7 PHCMoonbal Moonbal Govt. Building
8 NTPHCKutlari Kutlari Govt. Building
9 NTPHCLach Lach Govt. Building
10 NTPHCBatagund Batagund Rented Building
11 S/CGuloora Guloora Govt. Building
12 S/CSahipora Sahipora Govt. Building
13 S/CMungwalpora Mungwalpora Govt. Building
14 S/CGundChobtra Gund Chobtra Govt. Building
15 S/CLawoosa Lawoos Govt. Building
16 S/C Yehama Yehama Govt. Building
17 S/C Jehama Jehama Govt. Buildings
18 S/C Shargund Bala S.G. Bala Govt. Building
19 S/Changha Hangha Govt. Building
20 S/C Hanghishart Hanghishart Govt. Building
21 S/C Pohrupath Pohrupath Govt. Building
22 S/CGanapora Ganapora Govt. Building
23 S/C Hajin Hajin Govt. Building
24 S/C Rangpath Rangpath Govt. Building
25 S/C Mankil Mankil Rented. Building
26 S/CPringroo Pringroo Rented. Building
27 S/C Haril Haril Rented. Building
28 S/C Gund Razaq Gund Razzaq Rented. Building
29 S/CShanoo Shanoo Govt. Building
30 S/C Maratgam Maratgam Rented. Building
31 S/C Kargam Kargam Rented. Building
32 S/C Yaroo Yaroo Rented. Building
33 S/C Kultoora Kultoora Rented. Building
34 S/C Sonawani Sonawani Rented. Building
35 S/C Kachloo Kachloo Govt. Building
36 S/C Palpora Palpora Rented. Building
37 S/C Badrah Badrah Rented. Building
38 S/C Pandithpora Pandithpora Rented. Building
39 S/C Bicharwara Bicharwara Rented. Building
40 S/C Renan Renan Rented. Building
41 S/C Qunil Hunnil Rented. Building
42 S/C Budbugh Budbugh Rented. Building
43 S/C khanu Babagund Khanu Babagund Rented. Building
44 S/C Drungsoo Drungsoo Rented. Building
45 S/CHydermari(Shahnagri) Shahnagri Rented. Building
46 S/C Chountipora Chountipora Rented. Building
47 S/CDarbalPayeen DarbalPayeen Rented. Building
48 S/CUjroo Ujroo Rented. Building
49 S/CNaribal Naribal Rented. Building